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September 23


08:00 am

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Are you being called to flow with the waters (emotions), tend the fires (transformation), breathe the air (clarity of mind), or honor Mother Earth (physically grounded) all while learning about yourself and how to be in reciprocity with life?
This apprenticeship is a journey to reconnect deeper with yourself, your intuition and Spirit. Learn how to use an Earth Honoring Altar as a way of being in reciprocity with the world around you, both seen and unseen. Through the use of an Earth Honoring Altar we will explore a deeper connection to the elements of nature and understand when we are in relationship with these forces great wisdom is gained. Through this exploration we begin to know ourselves better and open up to our own greater potential.
Join us for a free informational zoom where Elias and Moira will talk about what an Earth Honoring Altar is and how it can deepen your spiritual Self as well as your connection to nature and the Divine. We’ll have time for any questions you may have as well.
Bring a loved one with to share this experience.
Saturday, September 23, 2023
8:00am PT / 10:00am CT/ 12noon ET

Please email for the link to this Introductory Zoom call
Moira Scullion at or
Elias Patras at please put “APPRENTICESHIP” in the subject line.

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