Energy Balancing Sprays


Each spray has its own essential oil combination to help balance those areas in your life that may need a shift.



Add-ons total:


  • Breaking Thru assists you in moving forward by breaking down barriers to your goals.
  • Emotional blend is for the heart, for self-love, for when you need more love to come to you.
  • Empower utilizes lily of the valley, ginger and frankincense to create the perfect mist for gathering your own forces and taking control of any situation.
  • Forgive is a blend of jasmine and violet oils in pure water used to allow yourself to be forgiven or to assist in forgiving others.
  • Intuition is a blend to help open the mind, heart and third eye. Allowing all three to blend to enhance your natural connection of trusting your intuitive gifts.
  • Clarity is a blend of essential oils for peace of mind, clarity, bring better ideas into the mind.
  • Peace is a sweet blend that has a gentle way of bringing peace, calm and love to oneself.…that calming, sweet, peaceful and protective healing bliss that we all long for in our day to day life.
  • Physical is for your body, to help ground it energetically and for any body aches.
  • Spiritual blend is about creating an opening to allow Intuitive Spiritual connection to be clearer to one’s sacred temple within.
  • Prosperity helps to bring in prosperity of all kinds into one’s life. This blend aligns you with your ability to manifest all types of ways to be prosperous and clears the blockages that are preventing the ease of flow to abundance.
  • Custom sprays are personalized for you. Whether it’s to help balance a chakra, give you a sense of strength, or break through a barrier, whatever your energetic need may be we can make a spray up for you.

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