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Apprenticeship Course

Are you being called to serve the Waters (Emotions), tend the Fire (Transformation), breathe the Air (Clarity of Mind), or honor Mother Earth (Physically Grounded) all while learning about the reciprocity of nature and life?
Are you disconnected from your Intuition?
Are you looking for Spiritual Community with no judgements?

Join us on a journey to reconnect deeper with yourself, your intuition and Spirit. Learn how to use an Earth Honoring Altar as a way of being in reciprocity with the world around you, both seen and unseen. Through the use of an Earth Honoring Altar we will explore a deeper connection to the elements of nature and understand when we are in relationship with these forces great wisdom is gained. Through this exploration we begin to know ourselves better and open up to our own greater potential.

Indigenous cultures all over the world were and are in relationship with nature as part of their everyday life. From North and South American, Indian, Tibetan, African, and Druid, they all have some form of an Earth Altar: a Mandala, a Medicine Cloth, or a Mesa. In our one year program you will be creating your own individual Earth Medicine Altar.

By using universal principals and an honoring of your own spiritual lineage you will create an altar unique to you and your own personal energy medicine. Our first weekend will focus on laying the foundation; learning the basics of who, what, where and why nature speaks to us and how we can use that information for personal and spiritual growth. In each consecutive weekend we will build our Altar/Medicine Cloth by understanding our personal relationship to an element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water), a guardian, and a part of self (Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Mental); co-facilitated by Moira Scullion.

Are you ready to March into Spring and Renew your life?

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