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Workshop Education

“Education is all about learning and sharing. When educating self, it gives the opportunity to educate others. Within that process we learn something more about ourselves and one another.”

From The Universe to Our Hearts by Elias Patras

Popular Workshops

  • Angel Communication – Learn how to connect, communicate, and speak with your angels.
  • Manifesting Your Desires – This workshop has been offered as a 2 hour workshop, 4, hour workshop and a weekend retreat weekend. We learn how to unlock the areas that keep us from getting what we truly desire for our highest good.
  • Clearing Energy Blocks – Learn how to release and unclear energy blocks within your own energy field.
  • Tapping Into Your Inner Voice – In this workshop we start to learn how we can “trust” the feelings that we get about things. This is an introductory workshop on ones intuition.
  • Tapping into Your Inner Voice; A deeper understanding – This workshop is to deepen the know how of ones intuition, a continuation of exploration.
  • Angel Workshop – In this workshop we identify the Angels, what oils and crystals to use to help with each angel and identify your own guardian angel.
  • Intuitive Card Workshop – Learn how to create your own intuitive deck.
  • Smudging Workshop – Learn all about smudging, what is is used for, how to and its history.
  • Essential Oil Workshop – In this workshop you will learn all about the spiritual meaning behind some essential oils.
  • Shamanic Astrology – Shamanic Astrology does not utilize the Sun sign as in traditional astrology but more on other aspects of the chart. In this workshop, we will take a look at your Moon sign, the masculine and feminine aspect of your chart, your relationship with Venus and Mars, who you were in your lineage, what your main lesson in this lifetime is and what truly motivates you.

Additional Workshops

  • Introduction to Shamanic Work
  • Divination Workshop
  • I AM Workshop
  • Chakra Workshop Series
  • Understanding and Grounding the Empath
  • Breaking the Mold to get Unstuck
  • Vision Board Building with Purpose
  • Power of Intention and Prayer
  • Clearing Energy with Smudging and Oils
  • Lunar Energy New Moon
  • Lunar Energy Full Moon
  • Peruvian Shamanic Journeying
  • Earth Angel
  • In the Stars
  • Unmasking the Veil for Halloween
  • Healing from your Heart
  • Gratitude for the Day
  • Karma & Past Lives
  • Balancing Giving and Receiving
  • Shamanic Medicine Wheel
  • Birthdays and Their Numbers
  • Channeling Your Guides
  • Elements and Their Meanings
  • Folklore and Legends
  • Past Life Workshop
  • Hand Reflexology
  • Signs and Symbols from the Universe
  • Psychic You
  • Prayer Tie Bundle
  • Surrender Box Workshop

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