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Astrology Basics May 2024 Workshop



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Basic Astrology – Learn to Speak Astrology & How to Read Your Own Chart. In this 3 class series, everyone will receive a copy of their astrology chart with graphs and notes. By the end of the three classes, you will know what your chart Ascendant (rising sign) is, the 12 signs and houses and the astro-sign your planets are in, as well as which house. You will learn their meanings and basic aspects (geometric relationship) they make to the other planets in your chart.

Join Dawn Silver and Elias Patras on this “far-out” journey to better understand who you are in this incarnation.

For this class please send Dawn your birthdate, time of birth and place of birth to her email address at She will need this info to send you your portfolio of information for this class.

Due to the non-refundable space commitments we make for our retreats, events, and workshops, we are not able to refund your registration once purchased.

Thank you for honoring your commitment.

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